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Vote for The Source in 2020

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Can CBD Oil Improve My Immune System?

You’ve probably heard the term “immune health” tossed around in the health and wellness world. Typically, people use this term to describe products and habits that are supposed to help your immune system stay strong

Stay Home With CBD

We're offering a huge 50% discount on our entire site right now! With the recent global pandemic Covid-19, also referred to as the Coronavirus, we as a society are facing unprecedented

Should I Use CBD?

Cannabidiol, most commonly known as CBD, has taken the natural health world by storm in recent years. This non-psychoactive hemp derivative is legal across the US and beyond, and is proving a key feature in

10 Fun Facts About CBD

If you want to know a bit more about CBD, feel free to read the following facts. They’re interesting to go through, and prove a lot about the effectiveness of CBD. 1. CBD has been

7 Things You Should Not Do With CBD

CBD is, on the whole, a safe derivative of the cannabis plant. The hemp-based oil does not have any known side-effects and because it contains no THC, it does not have the psychoactive ‘highs’ that