If you want to know a bit more about CBD, feel free to read the following facts. They’re interesting to go through, and prove a lot about the effectiveness of CBD.

1. CBD has been used since Ancient Greece

The first recorded use was in 2700 BC.

2. CBD may be effective in fighting cancer

CBD has been found to reduce the spread of certain types of cancer cells, acting as a natural inhibitor.

3. CBD has beneficial effects on stress

There’s a wide range of medical benefits!

4. The body has a cannabinoid system (ECS), which CBD works with

Your body has cannabinoid receptors, and CBD works to promote the binding of a substance called ‘anandamide’ to these receptors. Usually, your body would just work to break it down!

5. CBD reduces the effects of THC

THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and hemp. CBD is the non psychoactive part. Taking CBD after you’ve consumed THC can bring you down from the high, and even help to reserve long term effects.

6. Your pet can take CBD

Yes, CBD is even safe for animals to consume!

7. CBD could be a crucial part of addiction recovery

It reserves effects of addictive substances, after all.

8. Queen Victoria used CBD

In the 19th century, CBD infused oils were used by this British royal to reduce the pain of her menstrual cramps!

9. CBD is mostly obtained from Hemp plants

It’s one of two main ingredients!

10. CBD can help you sleep

CBD can help to relax you, after all.