CBD is, on the whole, a safe derivative of the cannabis plant. The hemp-based oil does not have any known side-effects and because it contains no THC, it does not have the psychoactive ‘highs’ that you may associate with cannabis. 


1. Not do your research 


It is important to know what you are buying. There are lots of different types of CBD, from broad-spectrum CBD that has very small amounts of many of the other cannabidiols through to CBD isolate which is completely pure CBD and is 100% THC free 


2. Think CBD will cure you 


CBD has health benefits, but if you are expecting miracles, then you will be disappointed.  While there have been lots of tests into the advantages of CBD, there is still a lot of research that needs to be done. 


3. Assume there is no THC


CBD may contain trace amounts of THC. This means that if you work in a job where you get drugs tested, CBD may end up leaving small amounts of THC in your system. If you are looking for a pure CBD form, go for a CBD isolate. 


4. Not checking the quality


CBD is available in lots of places and the quality does vary. Before you buy a large bottle for a high price, make sure it is what you are looking for. 


5. Not check CBD is ok with your medication


CBD may cause problems for your medication. If you are currently on any prescription meds, read up to make sure it does not stop them from working. 


6. Get the wrong strength


CBD comes in a variety of strengths. You may find one that works best for you. Find a dispensary or CBD producer that will help you find the right strength


7. Not buy from a reliable seller


With the market opening up, everyone wants in. But you need to be sure you are getting good CBD at the right price.